Barr Hill Bees Knees Gift Set

Barr Hill Bees Knees Gift Set

We love honey and we love bees! That's why we love Barr Hill Distillery! Barr Hill Distillery is known for producing artisanal spirits, particularly gin and vodka. It's located in Montpelier, Vermont, and is part of Caledonia Spirits, a company founded by Todd Hardie. Barr Hill Gin and Vodka are their signature spirits, both made with raw honey. The gin is made using a base of grain spirits and infused with juniper and other botanicals, and then it is sweetened with raw honey, giving it a unique flavor profile. Barr Hill also produces Barr Hill Vodka, which is also made with raw honey but is not sweetened - it's just smooth and unforgettable! A true vodka lover's dream. 

Barr Hill Distillery places a strong emphasis on using high-quality, locally sourced ingredients, and it is known for its commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. 

Included: Barr Hill Vodka (375mL), Barr Hill Gin (375mL),1lb jar of raw Vermont honey, mini stainless steel shaker, professional grade jigger (1oz/2oz), all packed beautifully in our reusable, recyclable gift box with lid with printed tasting notes and your gift note! 

Please note that all of the items we source are small-batch from small businesses around the world, so items may be substituted based on current availability and season - the Barr Hill products will not be substituted in this gift set. Thank you for supporting a small business that supports small business!


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Barr Hill Bees Knees Gift Set