about flask & field

A lifelong passion for wine, hospitality and design

Two cups filled with an orange beverage and topped with orange sliceswith a tray in the background. Tray has cocktail-making tools.

We are passionate about sharing products that enhance enjoyment, urge togetherness and simplify better living.

Miriam Yoo holding a wine bottle and glass

Miriam Yoo

Flask & Field was founded by former entertainment attorney Miriam Yoo. Inspired by her husband's love of a good time, driven by her lifelong passion for wine, hospitality and design, she set out to create a neighborhood space dedicated to enjoyment. 

Flask & Field is a modern destination for natural wine, craft spirits, goods and gifts. We curate items from small producers and artisans all over the world.  

We host private events and tastings in our beautiful 1200 sq ft space and pop-up classes on a range of useful skills. Join the F&F Wine Club or get on our mailing list for more information.

We proudly welcome all races, all religions, all countries of origin, all sexual orientations, and all genders.