November 2022

November 2022

Happy November! We hope you're staying warm and drinking only the good stuff because you deserve it. We are so excited for you to dive into your November 4-PACK. Everything you need to drink your way through the holiday season Part 1! Bottles to enjoy, bottles to give, bottles to pair with all of your favorite dishes! Now, let's GoOOOo!

1) Domaine Mamaruta ‘Trafalgar’ Skin Contact Wine

Trafalgar is a famous naval battle where Lord Nelson of Britain’s army defeated the French and Spanish fleets! The Battle of Trafalgar! Domaine Mamaruta is a charming winery on the Audois coast in the south of France dedicated to 100% organic farming. They believe in luck. And lucky for them, their soils are rich with limestone. The winemaker is Marc Castan who studied viticulture to take over his grandfather’s vineyard. He believes in biodiversity and a “clean,” natural winemaking process. Yields are low and quality is high. Trafalgar is 100% Muscat Blanc à Petits Grains, a white wine grape that produces pink/reddish grapes. The beautiful light copper/peachy color represents the color of the grapes and the 3 weeks it spent on the skins. The juice is bright and refreshing and the tannins are soft. This wine is so balanced and harmonious! Absolutely outstanding. Serve chilled and serve with linguine and clams, pasta bottarga or baba ganoush and roasted veggies from Mazal. 

 2) Dinaube Tatsis ‘Young Vines’ Red Wine

Young Vines is a dry-farmed, certified organic, biodynamically produced wine made in Macedonia, Greece from a blend of Xinomavro and Negoska. This is a wine with a strong backbone (and tannins)! It drinks very similar to a Nebbiolo so be patient and get your swirl on while this strong, silent type opens up in your glass. Don’t be afraid to decant this wine before enjoying it. You only have to decant as much as you want to drink and save the rest of the bottle for the next day. Our wines can always benefit from a little attention and breathing. Can’t we all! The Tatsis Family has been making wine since the disintegration of the Ottoman Empire in 1924. They settled in an area called Goumenissa, an area (and appellation) and today two brothers Periklis and Stergios continue making outstanding small batch wines (Periklis works the land and oversees the vines with Stergios in charge of making the wine!) that are loved worldwide. Pair with slow cooked shredded beef ragu pasta, moussaka or lamb meatballs! 

3) Las Jaras Slipper Sippers Nouveau 2022

‘Tis the season for Nouveau! Nouveau is the name given to the first wine of the vintage. The style originated out of Beaujolais, just south of Burgundy where they make wines from Gamay Noir using the technique carbonic maceration. This is how Las Jaras’ Slipper Sippers Nouveau is made. Made to drink RIGHT NOW. Made from a blend of organic Valdiguié (aka Napa Gamay), Petite Sirah, Zinfandel and Sangiovese. You’ll notice notes of blackberry, plum and cocoa, black plum, chocolate covered cherry, and boysenberry. It’s juicy, young and fun. Just like you. Serve chilled and enjoy yourself! x

4) Domaine Des Les Petites Trouillères Corent 'Courant Alternatif' Rosé

Corent is an appellation within the Cotes d’Auvergne in central France (Loire, France). What makes it so special is that the soils include pumice, a feathery light rock that once exploded from a volcano. The soil produces dynamic wines that are light, gentle and oh-so-pleasant. This charming rosé is made from a blend of gamay and pinot noir. It’s low in acid, soft and round but remains bright and lively. The color is so pretty - you have to excuse the dark bottle that works to protect this delicate wine from light strike. Pour it into a glass, give it a few swirls to allow it to open up and blossom and enjoy chilled! This wine will pair well with anything served at Thanksgiving dinner from Chinese food to traditional American fare like cornbread stuffing, green bean casserole and creamed corn.

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