July 2024

July 2024

1. Christina Gruner Veltliner (shown below!)

  • Producer: Christina Wines
  • Region: Göttlesbrunn, Carnuntum region, Austria
  • Varieties: Grüner Veltliner
  • Alcohol: 12.5%

At Flask & Field, we've completely fallen for Christina's Grüner Veltliner! Nestled in a uniquely cool microclimate near the banks of the River Danube, this vineyard benefits from refreshing breezes that perfectly balance its aromatic flavors and vibrant acidity. The soil, a blend of red gravel and loess, receives meticulous care from dedicated farmers committed to certified organic practices, ensuring each grape thrives under the best conditions.

Meticulously hand-harvested grapes, delicately pressed as whole clusters, and left to ferment spontaneously in stainless steel tanks within the cool confines of the cellar. This slow, deliberate process results in a wine that bursts with the crispness of green apples, subtle notes of lime, and a delightful hint of that distinctive peppery spice—an unmistakable taste of Austria in every sip!

Ideal companions for this Grüner Veltliner include crispy fried chicken, delicate seafood dishes, or indulgent classics like Wiener Schnitzel or pork knuckle, perfect for a genuine Austrian dining experience. Christina Grüner Veltliner is left unfiltered, preserving its natural essence and allowing it to showcase the true character of the vineyard and the dedication of its winemakers.

A testament to the artistry of winemaking and the terroir that shapes it, with each glass, you can taste the passion and commitment poured into every bottle. Cheers!!


2. Subject to Change ‘ETA?’ (shown below!)

  • Producer: Subject to Change
  • Region: Redwood Valley, California
  • Varieties: Zinfandel, Carignan, Grenache, Merlot
  • Alcohol: 11.6%

We’re all about wines that tell a story! Meet the ‘ETA?’ Rosé from SUBJECT TO CHANGE. The grapes are from Rhodes Vineyard which is nestled in the heart of Redwood Valley and lovingly stewarded by Richard and Christian Rhodes. This vineyard is a treasure trove of history, boasting ancient vines like Grenache from the 1940s, Carignan from the 1960s, and relatively 'young' Merlot and Zinfandel vines. It's a heritage vineyard that echoes with the whispers of generations past.

This lovely Rosé is a captivating blend of 42% Zinfandel, 32% Carignan, 15% Grenache, and 11% Merlot, each grape contributing its unique character to this delightful wine. Harvested together, these grapes were gently pressed into stainless steel tanks, where they underwent a slow, cool fermentation process. This method preserves the purity of the fruit, allowing their natural flavors to shine through.

After fermentation, the wine rested peacefully in stainless steel tanks for five months of élevage, a period where it developed its harmonious balance and intricate flavors. Expect no fining, no filtration, and not a drop of added SO2. It’s a testament to the winemaker’s commitment to their craft, where the focus is on letting the grapes speak for themselves.

Pour a glass and discover its vibrant aromas of ripe berries and a subtle hint of spice, leading to flavors that dance on the palate with a touch of earthiness. This wine embodies the essence of Redwood Valley's terroir—cool nights that preserve acidity and sunny days that impart richness.

Whether you're pairing it with grilled sausages, roasted veggies, or a crisp summer salad, ‘ETA?’ is your go-to. Share it with friends or enjoy it in solitude; either way, it's an invitation to relish each sip, celebrating the rich heritage and craftsmanship that goes into every bottle.

Here's to wines that quench your thirst and weave a tale of dedication, tradition, and the vibrant flavors of Redwood Valley! 


3. So Far Out “All the Rage” (shown below!)

  • Producer: So Far Out
  • Region: Santa Barbara, California
  • Varieties:  Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah, and Marselan
  • Alcohol: 13.1%

Introducing 'All the Rage' from So Far Out Winery, a Bordeaux-inspired red wine that encapsulates the essence of Santa Barbara County's organic vineyards. Created through a collaboration led by Field Recordings, organic grape grower Mike Testa, and Los Angeles wine industry veteran Jamil Williams of Amy Atwood, this wine embodies accessibility, sustainability, and exceptional quality. Plus, sometimes we want a chillable red that tastes a little bigger!

So Far Out Winery is dedicated to crafting everyday organic wines that are both approachable and affordable without compromising on excellence. The vineyards, carefully selected by Mike Testa for their organic practices, yield fruit of outstanding quality, setting the foundation for wines that resonate with the terroir of Santa Barbara County.

'All the Rage' entices with vibrant aromas of black cherry, red currant, and subtle hints of chocolate on the nose. The palate is treated to a silky texture with balanced acidity and smooth yet firm tannins, delivering bold, fruit-forward flavors of ripe plum, blackberry, and a touch of vanilla that linger enticingly. Easy enough to just have on its own at a party, but with enough heft to have with your steak frites.

Pour yourself a glass of 'All the Rage' and discover the culmination of sustainable viticulture and meticulous winemaking expertise. Whether enjoyed with hearty dishes or savored on its own, this wine invites you to indulge in the flavors of Santa Barbara County's rich winegrowing heritage. ‘All the Rage’ embodies dedication and tradition… but a little more fun. Hooray!


4. Julie Karsten Côtes du Rhône "Métaphysique des Cuves" (shown below!)

  • Producer: Julie Karsten
  • Region: Castillon-du-Gard, Rhône, France
  • Varieties: Grenache, Syrah, Cinsault
  • Alcohol: 12%

We’ve stumbled upon something truly special – Julie Karsten’s Côtes du Rhône Métaphysique des Cuves from Terrestrial Wine in Castillon-du-Gard! Julie tends to 10 hectares of organic vines – Syrah, Grenache, Cinsault, and Mourvèdre – near the Rhône's western edge, a place kissed by Mediterranean breezes and the wisdom of her father-in-law, who passed down the estate in 2008.

Julie's wines are crafted with pure heart and natural finesse. No formal training here – just a deep love for the land and its bounty. She lets the grapes do their thing, fermenting with indigenous yeasts in large vats, adding minimal sulphur only when absolutely necessary. It’s winemaking in tune with nature, resulting in a classic Côtes-du-Rhône that speaks of vineyard harmony and terroir integrity.

Her philosophy is simple and true: no synthetic pesticides or herbicides. It’s all about nurturing happy vines in living soils, creating wines that embody the essence of their surroundings.

At our shop, we can’t get enough of Julie’s wines. They’re like a warm embrace from the Rhône Valley, offering vibrant flavors and a touch of rustic charm. Pour a glass of Julie's Côtes du Rhône and you’ll discover a bouquet of black cherry, red currant, and a hint of chocolate that makes each sip a delight.

Pair it with your favorite cozy meals – from hearty stews to grilled veggies – or simply enjoy it on its own. Julie’s wine is a testament to craftsmanship and respect for the earth, making every bottle a joyful celebration of natural winemaking. Sánte!

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