February 2023

February 2023

Happy February! We can't wait for you to enjoy the wines we carefully hand-selected for you to experience! We are celebrating love and looking forward to cuddling up and taking it easy. We urge you to carve out some good quality time with friends or re-connect with that certain someone. Because you deserve it. Now let's jump into your February 4-pack! Yay!

Alessandro Viola Note di Bianco

Alessandro Viola makes some of the most-after natural wines in the world! Truly special wines meant to be enjoyed with food, family and friends. The winery is a tiny estate in Alcamo, Sicily (located on the north coast of Sicily, just west of Palermo!) - they focus on indigenous varieties like Nero d’Avola, Grillo, Nerello Mascalese, Catarratto, and Syrah. Alessandro studied both viticulture and enology, and his family has a long history of winegrowing in the region. He makes the kinds of wines we want to drink. The charming Note di Bianco is made with 100% Grillo grapes - it’s fresh and pure, with notes of grapefruit, citrus and savory herbs! Serve chilled and pair with seafood, pasta, or grilled veggies. Cheers! 

Dinavolo Dinavolino Vinobianco

Dinavolino is currently one of the most obsessed-over skin contact wines in the natural wine world. It will take you on a flavor adventure and open your heart chakra! Have a seat and prepare to enjoy yourself. You’ll notice loads of stone fruit like ripe apricot and peach, citrus peel, tropical fruit, dried herbs, jasmine and bruised apples. Farming is completely biodynamic and grapes are hand-harvested with care and love. Maceration takes place 8-9 months in stainless steel for a truly intense, complex, and fresh result! Made with 25% Malvasia di Candia Aromatica, 25% Marsanne, 25% Ortugo and 25% of an unknown local variety. Denavolo is a small winery named after Monte Dinavolo, the mountain that hovers over it, in Emilia-Romagna near the Apennines! Giulio Armani is the winemaker and proprietor - his family has roots in Denavolo and he takes pride in staying true to his native region. The winery produces about 20,000 bottles a year and each and every bottle is sought and fought over by small retailers like us. 

De Levende Peggy Sue

De Levende consistently produces hit after hit. Their wines are some of the most enjoyable natural wines money can buy, from the labels to the juice. De Levende is a project by Los Angeles-based natural wine importer The Soil Expedition, helmed by Brett Pallesen. Peggy Sue is a chillable red, made with organic Petit Sirah from Mendocino, CA. Grapes were soaked on the skins for 5 days and bottled without any additives. You’ll experience notes of dark brambly fruit with low and easy tannins. So easy drinking and fun to drink and share. The style is “nouveau” or more precisely a “primeur”, as it was bottled in the same year of harvest. The intention is to enjoy young, fresh and now. 

Arianna Occhipinti SP68

OMG. SP68 is back. Arianna Occhipinti is a badass natural winemaker in Sicily, carving her own path by showcasing the local varieties of her native region. Sicilians love what she has done for the region and wine tourism - she is truly a local hero! She’s our hero too - fearless, relentless and talented beyond measure. SP68 is drinking like a damn dream you never want to wake up from. Made from a blend of Frappato and Nero d'Avola, it has a medium (yet light!) body, and a silky texture that goes down so easy. Notes of dried strawberry, white pepper and tobacco. Serve slightly chilled and pair with sun dried tomato pasta or pork tenderloin. Cheers! xo

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