December 2022

December 2022

1. Fruit du Hasard Côtes du Roussillon Rouge

Domaine du Possible is the brainchild of Loïc Roure. He is nestled in the tiny village of Lansac. In 2003, Loïc scrapped his initial plan of opening a wine bar and decided to start making his own wines instead. The estate now consists of 10.2 hectares spread over many parcels and communes, all falling under the Côtes du Roussillon AOC. He primarily grows Carignan and 

Grenache, but also has a bit of Syrah, Mourvèdre, Grenache Gris and Macabeu, all farmed organically! Fruit du Hasard roughly translates to "Fruit of Chance", an expression meant to celebrate the good things that come to us by complete chance! It’s a blend of Syrah and Carignan. Juicy and just right. This bottle is so easy drinking, the perfect expression of small batch, relevant natural wine. It’s what you should be drinking to ease yourself into the holiday season and survive it! Notes of red plum, brambly berries and forest floor balanced by minerality. Any funk will burn off with a few swirls in the glass. This wine is clean and delicious on the palate! Sánte!

2. Nasciri Azienda Agricola "Vinu I Casa"

Nasciri means “to be born” in Calabrian dialect. Nasciri is a charming little winery based in Calabria - they produce organic olive oil and wine. In their own words, they ‘believe in life’. This philosophy is seen throughout their processes and beliefs. They do everything themselves, and don’t use any preservatives or other substances that could affect the product. Nasciri Azienda Agricola is run by Domenico and Francesca in the Calabrian countryside, near Gerace. The two have 20 hectares total, with 7 under  vine, where farming with organic agricultural methods was not only an internal decision, but a natural need dictated by the land they so love. Through the use of various permacultural and biodynamic principles, they adapt their farming style to climate conditions and soil variation. Always open to experimentation, they never miss an opportunity to try new techniques that can improve the health of the vines, and positively impact the  environment around them. With help in the cellar from oenologist Claudia Galterio, they do not filter, fine, or add any substances to the wine. Vinu Casa is a super special field blend of red varieties like Calabrese Nero and a variety of other indigenous varieties! Bright red cherries, cranberries, electric acidity and tickles the palate. Serve this wine chilled and pair with roasted turkey, a grilled chicken sandwich, poached salmon or risotto. 

3. Quinto Quarto Bianco Sivi

Situated in the hills bordering Italy and Slovenia, Franco Terpin produces some of the most outstanding skin contact whites coming out of Italy. Franco Terpin makes his wines in a beautiful rustic fashion without fining or filtration, incorporates only native yeast, and adds minimal to no sulfur at bottling. His wines are extremely limited and highly sought after - us wine shops fight over allocations! Our wonderful Rebecca got some hard-to-find bottles for our Gold members only! Bianco Sivi is a skin contact Pinot Grigio in the most beautiful peachy pink color! Don’t get confused - this is still technically a white wine but notice how your mind processes color and tastes what you drink! Light and fruity, softly tannic and bursting with mouth watering acidity. Pair with soft cheeses, clam linguine, fish tacos, or eggs benedict at a hungover brunch. 

4. Eric Kamm Pinot Auxerrois 2021

"Anarchie" by Jean-Louis is a fresh, electric, luscious, and mineral-driven white wine from Alsace made with 100% Auxerrois grapes. His style is a modern expression of artisanal and anarchic! The Kamm estate is made up of a tiny plot of vineyard in  Dambach-la-Ville. This area is renowned for its terroir, namely the volcanic granite soils! Eric began to make wines in 2005 that differentiated from those of his father, Jean-Louis. He specializes in growing Pinot Gris, Riesling, Auxerrois, Muscat, Gewürztraminer and Pinot Noir. “Anarchie” is vinified in concrete tanks without sulphites and any type of filtration. It is floral, salty, fresh and clean! 100% organic and ready to fight the machine! Serve chilled and pair with hearty foods like roasted brussels sprouts, creamed corn, roasted chicken, miso black cod, or Stouffer’s Stove Top Stuffing. Sánte!

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