June 2024

June 2024


1. Domaine de la Cure Gaby White Wine (shown below!)

We love a clean, mineral-driven Chardonnay! Domaine de la Cure, located in Beaujolais, France, is run by Fabrice Le Glatin, a former wine journalist turned winemaker. The estate focuses on natural winemaking practices, producing wines without added sulfur and using organic and biodynamic methods. Fabrice's dedication to low-intervention winemaking echoes the principles of renowned natural wine pioneer Jules Chauvet​. 

"Gaby" is 100% Chardonnay and is a standout white wine! Fresh and light-bodied with vibrant floral and fruity notes, it is a delightful and approachable wine. Pair this wine with seafood dishes such as grilled shrimp or scallops, where the wine's acidity enhances the sweetness of the seafood. Light poultry dishes, like lemon and herb roasted chicken or a classic turkey, also make excellent pairings, allowing the wine's subtle complexity to shine through! Vegetarian options such as a creamy mushroom risotto or a fresh spring vegetable salad with a citrus vinaigrette highlight the Chardonnay's crispness. Additionally, soft cheeses like Brie or Camembert, with their creamy textures and mild flavors, beautifully complement the wine’s aromatic profile. These pairings make Gaby a versatile choice for so many food adventures. Enjoy! 

  • Producer: Domaine de la Cure Gamine
  • Region: Beaujolais, France
  • Varieties: 100% Chardonnay
  • Alcohol: 12.5%

2. Azienda Agricola Gaudioso Zibibbo (shown below!)

We live for Sicilian wine! Azienda Agricola Gaudioso, located in Partanna, Sicily, is a family-run farm that embraces biodynamic farming methods to produce high-quality wines and olive oil. The Gaudioso family has deep roots in the region, with a rich heritage in farming and viticulture that spans generations. Their commitment to sustainable and natural agricultural practices ensures that their products are both environmentally friendly and of exceptional quality!

The farm cultivates a variety of grape varietals, including Catarratto, Pinot Grigio, Syrah, and Zibibbo. Each wine is crafted with meticulous care, using spontaneous fermentation and minimal intervention to preserve the natural flavors and characteristics of the grapes. 

In addition to their vineyards, Azienda Agricola Gaudioso also maintains the most adorable olive groves, producing extra virgin olive oil from the esteemed Nocellara del Belice cultivar, which has received DOP certification. The farm's holistic approach extends to their animal husbandry practices, ensuring cruelty-free and sustainable rearing of sheep. I want it all! 

The Gaudioso family is guided by a vision of clean, healthy agriculture that respects the fertility of the land and its ecosystems. With the support of their mentor, biologist and oenologist Michele Lorenzetti, they have fully embraced biodynamic principles, abolishing synthetic fertilizers and pesticides in favor of natural cycles and preparations. The amount of labor it takes to guide these grapes toward success is unimaginable! 

This Zibibbo is our favorite wine they make! It's characterized by its golden yellow hue and aromatic complexity. This wine is produced with meticulous care using biodynamic farming methods, ensuring that it remains true to its natural origins. The Zibibbo grapes are hand-harvested and undergo spontaneous fermentation in stainless steel tanks without temperature control, allowing the true essence of the grape to shine through. The result is a wine that offers vibrant floral aromas, notes of citrus, and hints of exotic fruits, with a balanced acidity that makes it both refreshing and flavorful!

Zibibbo (also known as Muscat of Alexandria) originated in Egypt and spread throughout the Mediterranean, especially in Sicily. It is known for its aromatic profile and versatility. Serve this wine chilled and pair it with seafood dishes such as grilled shrimp, scallops, lemon & herb chicken, Greek salad, stuffed zucchini, bell peppers or roasted vegetables! Cheese pairings such as tangy goat cheese and ricotta with honey and nuts make for delightful combinations, highlighting the wine's aromatic profile. Cheers! 

  • Producer: Azienda Agricola Gaudioso
  • Region: Partanna, Sicily
  • Varieties: 100% Zibibbo
  • Alcohol: 12%

3. Matic Kerner (shown below!)

Matic Wines, founded by Matija Žerjav (known as Matic), is a celebrated winery located in the Štajerska region of northeastern Slovenia, near the borders with Austria and Hungary. This winery is recognized for its commitment to organic and biodynamic viticulture, producing natural wines that express the unique terroir of the region.

Matija Žerjav, the third generation of winemakers in his family, took over the management of the winery at the young age of 24. His approach to winemaking is deeply rooted in traditional methods passed down from his grandfather, combined with a willingness to innovate and experiment. Matic is passionate about sustainable practices and natural winemaking, ensuring that his wines are free from chemicals and unnecessary additives.

The winery cultivates nine hectares of vineyards using organic and biodynamic methods. The region's "mountain wine zone" climate, characterized by a sharp contrast between warm days and cool nights, is ideal for growing high-quality grapes. The soil, rich in marl and limestone, forces the vines to dig deep for water, resulting in wines with pronounced minerality and acidity.

Matic firmly believes in working harmoniously with nature. His philosophy is that wines should be made naturally, without chemicals, ensuring that they can be enjoyed without fear of adverse effects. He aims to produce wines that reflect the energy and essence of the land, from the vineyard to the bottle.

His (very charming!) Kerner Skin Contact wine is a standout example of Matic's innovative approach to winemaking. 14-day skin contact which imparts a rich amber color and complexity of flavors. It's then aged in stainless steel, allowing the wine to retain its fresh and fruity character. Aromas of ripe pineapple, mango, and lychee, with evolving notes of smoke and earth as the wine aerate. On the palate, fresh and full-bodied with tropical fruit flavors and a balanced acidity, reflecting the mineral-rich terroir of Štajerska! Serve chilled and pair with a variety of dishes, including roasted chicken or turkey, grilled seafood, and hearty vegetarian dishes. Cheers! 

  • Producer: Matic Wines
  • Region: Štajerska (aka Styria), Slovenia
  • Varieties: 100% Kerner
  • Alcohol: 12.5%

4. Ugabe Txakoli Skin Contact (shown below!)


It's Txakoli season!!!! HELL YES. Txakoli is a distinctive wine from the Basque Country in northern Spain. Ugabe focuses on natural and traditional winemaking methods, ensuring that their wines reflect the unique terroir and heritage of the region. Ugabe's Txakoli with skin contact, known as "Balea," is an unfiltered white wine that drinks and feels like a skin-contact or orange wine. This unique wine opens with aromas of fresh green apples, lemon zest, yeast, and a salty, mineral core. On the palate, it presents a slightly fuller body than classic white Txakoli, maintaining its bright and fresh characteristics. It's made from a blend of Hondarribi Zuri and Hondarribi Beltza grapes, emphasizing a natural and organic approach to viticulture and winemaking. You'll experience notes of green apple, citrus, and a touch of salinity, which are hallmark characteristics of wines from this coastal region. The skin contact process adds a layer of complexity and depth, making it a versatile wine that can be enjoyed as an aperitif or paired with various dishes. Serve chilled and pair this Txakoli with a range of seafood dishes such as oysters, grilled fish, and shrimp, where the wine's acidity and freshness enhance the flavors of the sea. It also works well with light salads, tapas, and even lightly spiced Asian cuisine, providing a refreshing contrast to the spices. Cheers! 

  • Producer: Ugabe
  • Region: Getariako Txakolina (DO), Basque Country, Spain
  • Varieties: Hondarribi Zuri, Hondarribi Beltza
  • Alcohol: 12.5%
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