September 2023

September 2023

Hollow Wines “Man in a Gray Suit” Chillable Red

  • Producer: Hollow Wines
  • Region: Gilroy, California
  • Varieties: Pinot Noir, Trousseau, Viognier
  • Alcohol: 13%

Hollow Wines is a family owned and operated winery located in Gilroy, California. Alison, Quinn and Mina Hobbs are the proprietors behind Hollow Wines, both dedicated to sustainable winemaking. Quinn, the winemaker, is dedicated to his minimal intervention winemaking approach, expressing the grapes' true terroir while remaining 100% vegan and sustainable. He has a hands-on approach to winemaking, sorting all of his grapes by hand and only intervening when absolutely necessary. To Quinn, natural winemaking is about remaining true to the earth. This dedication takes time, money, sweat and tears. It is no easy task, vintage after vintage, especially when nature isn’t always easy to work with! They only source sustainable, organic, and dry farmed grapes in order to ensure minimal impact while producing their wines. “Man in a Gray Suit” is a blend of Pinot Noir, Trousseau and Viognier. It’s light and zippy with notes of cranberry, pomegranate, cherry and raspberry fruit. What a bouquet! Tingly on the palate, it’s bursting with flavor and a great pairing with a variety of food! This is a refreshing summer wine that you can enjoy day or night. Pair with BBQ, Chinese food takeout, or burgers and fries. Serve cold. And dive right in! Cheers. xo



Domaine Fond Cyprès “Premier Jus” Chillable Red

  • Producer: Domaine Fond Cyprès
  • Region: Corbières, Languedoc-Roussillon, France
  • Varieties: Carignan, Grenache
  • Alcohol: 12.5%

Domaine Fond Cyprès is owned and operated by Laetitia Ourliac & Rodolphe Gianesini. They make soulful, small batch wines featuring a luscious lineup of Carignan, Syrah, Grenache, Grenache Blanc, Roussanne, Viognier, Muscat, Cinsault and blends thereof. The couple is intent on producing wines that express their sultry slice of the Languedoc — specifically, Escales, in the northernmost part of the Corbières AOC. Their domaine begins at the end of a road lined with Cypress trees and extends in either direction across 15 hectares of lush vegetation, a secret garden of olives, tomatoes, eggplants, wild herbs, and newly-born kittens! What a dream. To be honest, we love all of their wines. Premier Jus is a hit year after year. A light and savory chillable red that’s clean + dry on the palate. Made from a blend of Carignan and Grenache, this wine is easy to sip and love all night long. Serve chilled and enjoy with grilled chicken kebab, spaghetti marinara, Korean BBQ or veggie dogs. Cheers! xo


Le Débit D’Ivresse My Favorite Things

  • Producer: Le Débit D’Ivresse
  • Region: Roussillon, France
  • Varieties: 100% Grenache
  • Alcohol: 14%

Luc Devot is the winemaker behind the beloved Domaine Le Debit d'ivresse in Estagel (located in the Roussillon region of France). Luc is a man of many talents! He’s a cook, a fisherman, a musician, an animator, and an educator. He’s lived many lives before becoming a winemaker! My Favorite Things is an easy-drinking yet complex light-bodied organic red wine made from 100% organic Grenache. The harvest is done by hand, the vinification is as natural as possible, in whole harvest and by carbonic maceration at low temperature. The wines are neither filtered nor fined and do not undergo any aggressive treatment. You can taste the love and care that goes into his wines. My Favorite Things is crunchy + explosive with brambly fruit and subtle notes of baking spice and all that’s nice - it’s a comforting red wine that will keep you warm at night. We would serve this one with a chill and pair with an assortment of charcuterie or as an aperitif/first drink at a dinner party. 



Elisa Guérin Beaujolais Villages

  • Producer: Elisa Guerin
  • Region: Beaujolais, France
  • Varieties: 100% Gamay
  • Alcohol: 12%

Winemaker Elisa Guérin is the vibrant force behind the Moulin-à-Vent wine region’s renaissance. She's bringing Gamay back in the spotlight with her enchanting creations! Elisa's journey began with agronomy studies in Dijon, followed by a stint as a Parisian chef's local produce scout. Eventually, she circled back to the family vineyard in Moulin-à-Vent in 2018, reuniting with her childhood pals Ophélie Dutraive and Alex Foillard. The trio shared a vision from the start: to craft exceptional wines from their home turf. The Guérin domaine covers 4.2 hectares in Moulin-à-Vent and an elevated 0.8 hectares in Chirouble. The crown jewel is 'Les Thorins,' a 1.5-hectare plot nestled near the iconic windmill. History buffs, take note: Moulin-à-Vent was once 'Romache-Thorin,' its wines cherished even by King Louis XIV. Moulin-à-Vent's Burgundian influences linger, adding a particularly unique touch to the region.

Elisa hand draws all the charming labels - a wild garden interpretation of her terroir. Beaujolais Villages is made from old vines on volcanic soils. It has that classic Beaujolais red fruit with bright acidity and a hint of baking spice on the finish. Easy, dry, and food friendly. Serve chilled or at room temperature - whatever you prefer. Pair with roast chicken, grilled salmon, pork tenderloin, mushroom dishes, or cheese and charcuterie.

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