November 2023

November 2023

Fattoria di Gratena Chianti 

  • Producer: Fattoria di Gratena 
  • Region: Tuscany, Italy
  • Varieties: 100% Sangiovese
  • Alcohol: 14.5%

Fattoria di Gratena has been engaged in organic farming since 1994, tending to their 18 hectares of vineyards and 1,600 olive trees with a commitment to natural cultivation and a profound respect for climatic cycles. "Fattoria" is an Italian word that translates to "farm" or "estate." In winemaking and agriculture, it often refers to a farm or estate where various agricultural activities take place, such as the cultivation of grapes for wine production, olive trees for olive oil, or other crops. It’s honestly the most charming type of farm we can imagine! The winery is located in Tuscany, just south of Florence, near Cortona (where the movie Under the Tuscan Sun was filmed)! Nestled within Gratena's microclimate, encompassed by vast woodlands, the estate enjoys a sanctuary-like environment that minimizes the risk of non-biological contamination, allowing nature to flourish freely, akin to a grand natural park.

Their approach involves the use of manure for fertilization, copper and sulfur for treatments, and meticulous hand-harvesting of crops. The fermentation process is entirely natural, utilizing indigenous yeasts in outdoor steel tanks, benefiting from diurnal temperature variations. Following the completion of alcoholic fermentation with no added sulfites, the wine is transferred to indoor tanks in the cellar. Firmly rooted in the concept of "Terroir," Fattoria di Gratena is dedicated to preserving the distinct characteristics of their wines. They exclusively employ native grape varieties, like Sangiovese. This Chianti is 100% Sangiovese. Chianti Classico must be made primarily from the Sangiovese grape variety, which typically comprises at least 80-100% of the blend. Some small percentages of other approved red grape varieties may also be used, such as Canaiolo, Colorino, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and others. You’ll experience notes of red and dark cherries, plums, and red currants and hints of spices, such as black pepper and anise! Pair with pasta with tomato sauce, sausage pizza, or grilled lamb chops!


Karim Vionnet Grabuge Sparkling Red

  • Producer: Karim Vionnet
  • Region: Beaujolais, France
  • Varieties: 100% Gamay
  • Alcohol: 11%

Karim Vionnet, a maverick in the wine world, personifies a bold, unapologetic spirit reflected in his wines. The "Sex, Rock & Gamay" motto on his t-shirt encapsulates his carefree persona. A Morgon native of North African descent, he embraced his full identity, rejecting advice to obscure his ethnicity on labels. Raised among French winemaking luminaries, Karim's journey began as a grape picker at ten, later training under notable vintners. In 2006, he ventured into winemaking. His 12-acre estate, predominantly bush vines, thrives under organic practices. Karim employs full carbonic maceration, minimal sulfur, and avoids unnecessary intervention, championing terroir-driven, high-quality Gamay wines. Grabuge is one of our most favorite wines, especially for a big dinner with friends and family. It’s a light, frizzante, refreshing sparkling red wine that is fun to serve as a first drink when your guests arrive - pair with your favorite cheeses and charcuteries before dinner! Serve chilled and pair with roast turkey, chicken or pork tenderloin! It will pair well with all the Fall flavors! Enjoy! xo


COS Frappato 

  • Producer: COS
  • Region: Vittoria, Sicily, Italy
  • Variety: 100% Frappato
  • Alcohol: 12.5%

Three friends founded Azienda Agricola COS, in 1980: Giambattista Cilia, Cirino Strano and Giusto Occhipinti. The acronym of their last names is where the name for the winery – COS – comes from! We are absolutely head over heels for the wines of COS. When we can get our hands on them, we get as much as we can! Their wines serve as vessels for their narrative, chronicling the story of their ancient homelands. With humility and over 3000 years of grapevines as their heritage, they have approached winemaking as artists, shaping their unique wine philosophy. For three decades, they've meticulously crafted a history that is poured into each glass, a tale interwoven with their roots and ancestral lands. Rather than succumbing to trends, they've chosen to follow their passions and curiosity, pioneering a world of winemaking that didn't exist in Sicily at the time. They've reintroduced and elevated an already exceptional wine, one that authentically mirrors their identity and history. At Azienda Agricola COS, they abide by the principles of biodynamic agriculture, deeply rooted in Rudolf Steiner's holistic philosophy. They tend to their vines using ancient techniques, maintaining a respectful harmony with nature. Their commitment extends to responsible water use and chemical-free composting. Their choice to embrace biodynamic practices is driven not by trends but by a profound respect for nature, fueled by their passion and love for the vine.

Frappato is a delightful and relatively light red grape variety originating from Southern Sicily. COS’s Frappato is bursting with aromas of fresh red berries, such as strawberries and red cherries. It’s light-bodied with gentle tannins - super easy-drinking and approachable. The perfect pairing for all your favorite Fall dishes. Serve slightly chilled and enjoy! 


Daniel Schweizer Rosa Brunnen (Couriers!)

  • Producer: Daniel Schweizer
  • Region: Wüttemberg, Germany
  • Varieties: Spätburgunder (aka Pinot Noir), Regent
  • Alcohol: 13.5% 

The Rosa Brunnen is not your typical rosé; it's a Rotling. Instead of a straightforward rosé, it's a blend of white and red wines, combining Trollinger and Riesling from red Keuper soils. These grapes underwent spontaneous fermentation on the mash for 14 days and were then aged on the lees in wooden barrels for 10 months, remaining unfiltered and unsulfured.

Daniel's Rosa Brunnen stands out from delicate and floral rosés. It doesn't hold back; there's a boldness and substance that sets it apart from other wines of a similar hue, like Bordeaux Clairet. The Pink Fountain captivates with its incredibly refreshing character that pours out of the glass. Aromas of citrus, young currants, crunchy cherries, and subtle minty hints create an inviting bouquet. On the palate, it's unmistakably Swiss: juicy, invigorating, with no resistance to enjoying it, far from ordinary or undemanding.


Mae Son Rosso Frizzante (Pickups!)

  • Producer: Mae Son (Cantina Furlani)
  • Region: Porvo, Trento Alto Adige, Italy
  • Varieties: Pavana, Rosara, Negrara and Turca
  • Alcohol: 11.5%

Matteo Furlani, a third-generation winemaker from Trento, Italy, embarked on a new winemaking venture alongside his established label, Cantina Furlani. In collaboration with export manager Claudio Coronato and Jenny and Francois Selections, he introduced the Mae Son label. This new venture is a heartfelt tribute to family, craftsmanship, and their wines' careful creation. The name playfully incorporates the initials of family members - M for Matteo, A for his wife Annalisa, and E for their children Alessia and Edoardo. This name, pronounced "my son" in English or "maison" (meaning "my home") in French, reveals the personal story behind the label.

Matteo's winemaking journey was nurtured by hands-on experience alongside his father and grandfather on the high slopes of the Dolomites. While deeply passionate about the environment, he furthered his knowledge by pursuing a degree in agriculture and oenology. He took over his family's vineyards in the early 2000s, revitalizing the shuttered Cantina Furlani and embracing biodynamic practices. Matteo's mission is to create joyful, pure expressions of the mountainous terroir, focusing on spumante wines and predominantly indigenous grape varieties.

Cantina Furlani's vineyards span 14 hectares, with a mix of local and well-known grape varieties. All grapes are hand-harvested from steep limestone and clay vineyards. Fermentation occurs naturally with indigenous yeasts, and the wines are aged in stainless steel tanks or 20-year-old barrels. Mae Son's 2022 wines showcase exuberant floral and mineral qualities, offering a delightful and pure taste of the mountainous terrain. These wines vividly reflect Matteo's passion for winemaking and respect for nature.


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