The Indie Spirit Gift Set

The Indie Spirit Gift Set

For the indie spirit in your life! Bacanora is a type of mezcal from Sonora, Mexico. It’s not as smoky as most mezcals, which is why it’s loved by both tequila and mezcal aficionados. Santo Cuviso translates as “Holy Bacanora”. It’s dry, complex, with a kick of pepper and a grounded, earthy finish. Crafted to remind you that sometimes the best way to refresh your soul is to allow your lips to kiss a little spirit every day! We love Santo Cuviso Blanco because it’s clean and fresh, easy to sip, and presented in a beautiful high-end hand blown glass bottle that exudes rustic charm. Each bottle is unique. Each set comes with printed F&F tasting notes and is presented in our recyclable premium cardboard gift box with lid.

The American Distilling Institute recognized Santo Cuviso Blanco with the “Best of Class - Certified Craft Distilled Spirit Award in the International Agave category 2019.

Included: Santo Cuviso Blanco 750mL, glass jar of artisanal sal du gusano, set of 2 chic enamelware camp sipping cups, organic California orange crisps (great for snacking or as a beautiful garnish in any cocktail!)

Please note that all of the items we source are small-batch from small businesses around the world, so items may be substituted based on current availability and season. Thank you for supporting a small business that supports small business.


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The Indie Spirit Gift Set