WME Gift Options

WME Gift Options

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$300 Executive Gift Set - Example - Included: A fun gift + beautiful gift based on our favorite rye whiskey from Bardstown, Kentucky - Willett Rye. It includes a bottle Willett, full sized DTLA candle (our most popular scent) + F&F refillable lighter, Bittermilk craft mixer for the most delicious Old Fashioned, a pair of Riedel crystal whiskey sipping glasses, a metal flask with canvas sleeve and organic orange crisps (which go great in a glass of neat Willett Rye or enjoyed alone as a snack!). Comes in a beautiful pine wood box with tasting notes and your gift note. We can include any wine or spirit for this gift.

$250 Celebration Gift Set - Example - Included: One of our best-selling and limited production Austrian orange wine in reusable ceramic bottle, Zalto Austrian crystal single serving decanter (dishwasher safe), matte black wine opener, travel sized Seoul candle (Palo Santo), striped kitchen towel and collection of 3 Dandelion dark chocolate bars. Comes in a beautiful pine wood box with lid + tasting notes and gift note. We can do this gift with a wine of your choice - we also love Woodward Canyon’s Artist Edition Cabernet Sauvignon from Washington State and Pierre Menard’s Orion Alpha Cabernet Franc from Anjou, France (see picture of label). We can include any wine or spirit for this gift.

$200 Champagne Gift Set - Example - Included: We love Louis Roederer x Philippe Starck Artist Edition Brut Nature (Extra Dry) Champagne for special gifts - it comes in its own matching gift box and we can include a beautiful bottle of craft bitters from NY, which are perfect for sipping with soda or spritzing with Champagne, artisanal chocolates, organic fruit crisps and candies, gift-wrapped and presented in our 2-bottle Apolis market bag (water-resistant lining).

$100-$150 Fancy Bottle Gift Set - Example - Included: With this gift, the bottle is the star. Whether it’s Japanese Craft Whisky or American Brandy, this is a popular and simple gift when paired with a set of effortless high-quality crystal drinking glasses. Everything comes nicely wrapped in a market bag or wood box with tasting notes and your gift card.

$75 Single Bottle in Wood Box Gift - Example - Included: A nice bottle of wine or spirit in a chic pine wood box with tasting notes + gift card. A beautiful presentation and thoughtful gift for any occasion.

We can include wine, beer, spirits or non-alcoholic products like Seedlip or Muddle & Wilde. If you don’t see it on our site, ask us and we can probably special order it for you!

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